About Us

TOMATO is a Movement that has been established to create opportunities for young people across Africa. Its mission is to empower African Youth and SME's by providing them with the tools they need to tap into the potential and power of global E-commerce.


TOMATO is an Appletree Digital Commerce Private Limited initiative.

African Youth At A Glance

Youth In Africa Today
Unemployed Youth By 2050
Youth Joining Workforce / Year
Formal Jobs created annually
Give the gift of a Great Future.

We firmly believe that in Africa we have to re-imagine opportunity. We need to think outside the box to solve Youth Joblessness.


Together with our partners we have put together an impressive set of e-commerce tools to give Africa’s upstarts a leg up. Its a world class ecosystem that will allow any business to thrive. With the tech taken care of, our Youth and SME’s can focus on commercial activities.


Technology and Ubuntu together, to give our Youth and SME’s opportunities and resources that will allow them to dream of a better future.


Isaac Newton once said: “If have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”


Let’s be the Giants that our Youth stand on!

Our History

  1. February 2021
    Idea of The TOMATO Movement is conceived
  2. June 2022
    The Best Jobs In Africa Prize Draw is Launched